West Leonard Business Association is comprised of business owners and organizations that volunteer their time to meet on a regular basis to promote the West Leonard area.  While membership is voluntary, it is strongly encouraged in order to give everyone in the district a 'voice at the table'.

WLBA is organized in the State of Michigan as a non-profit corporation and registered with the IRS as EIN 37-1868391.  As a member and affiliate of Neighborhood Business Alliance, Inc., WLBA is subject to its general supervision or control.

For the 2017/18 year, WLBA's members include a Board of Directors comprised of:

  • Johnny Brann, Jr. - President
  • Dan DeVries - Vice-President
  • Dan Grinwis - Secretary | Interim-Treasurer

Meetings are quarterly on the third Tuesdays of March, June, September and December and are typically held at 4pm at Brann's Restaurant at 401 Leonard NW.